CAST (“Centre d’Action Sociale au Togo”, or “Center for Social Action in Togo” in English) is located in Kpalimé. It was established to temporarily provide accommodation for orphans, disabled people, abandoned children as well as children from poverty stricken conditions and to ensure their education. The reasons for this are death or disability of parents and poverty, but also rejection or disdain for children that are seen as “abnormal” or “cursed by the gods”.

Kinder CAST

The children that are temporarily accommodated by the Center are quickly placed in foster families so that their psychological balance is preserved and their needs can be correspondingly met.

The parents of disabled or poor children are encouraged to retain them at home. In this case, CAST promises to finance school material and other day to day needs of these children. CAST cares for almost 200 children currently. It offers a sponsorship program for the children, to provide them with food and clothing and to enable them to go to school.

CAST was established in 1995 by Mana Yevu. Contactions has been supporting a part of CAST’s work for several years.