Gypsy children in India who are outcasts, despised and extremely poor are our primary focus. We are already working in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Partner Organizations
Our partner organization Contaction India Trust is registered in India. This organization has around 25 local employees that take care of the entire organization and coordination of work. For example, 35 tons of rice are purchased every month and distributed in the 300 settlements where the gypsies live. Clothes are purchased annually for 20,000 children. The children receive these clothes as Christmas gifts.
Additionally, over 500 employees work on an hourly basis for the care of children or of entire settlements.
If a settlement is newly adopted by a Contactions program, the care provided in the beginning can be quite intensive. We will accompany a local couple employed by Contactions for a day in the following video…

Help for children
Our main purpose is to enable children to go to school. Enabling children to go to school and providing them enough rice to live on frees a lot of children from child labor.
Help for children includes:

  • Rice, lentils, vitamin drinks
  • Soap, hair oil, toothpaste
  • Clothing, school uniforms
  • School enrollment
  • Help with homework
  • Hygiene lessons
  • Care during medical emergencies
  • Sharing of Christian values

At the moment, Contactions supports over 300 gypsy settlements in which 20,000 children live. 14,000 of these children go to school because of Contactions’ support
Girls and boys are given equal opportunity.
Support for entire settlements

  • Groundwater wells
  • Care centers and community centers
  • WC cabins and hygiene facilities
  • Huts for families
  • Care during medical emergencies
  • Bicycles