Thank you for supporting our work with a donation!
With your donation you improve the lives of many children and give them new hope.

Children in India

With CHF 30  a month 2 children will receive food, clothes, health care, education, supervision and accommodation.
While being a very effective sponsorships name allocations aren’t possible. Nevertheless we can assure you that your money will be used purposive.

Children in Togo

CHF 40 a month.
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General donation

General donations help Contactions to respond where help is quickly needed, for example to natural disasters, tragedies, illnesses, etc.

Online Donations are also possible.

Bank account details:

Postfinance AG | IBAN CH83 0900 0000 2501 0151 2
Stiftung Contactions, CH-4934 Madiswil

Berner Kantonalbank AG, Bern | IBAN CH19 0079 0042 3350 4490 8
Stiftung Contactions, CH-4934 Madiswil