About us

The Contactions Foundation (formerly Pro Abbeville / founded 07.01.1982) has supported Indian orphans and poor children since 1992.

In 1996 the work among the Gypsies in South India started with the support of 30 children. These children were starving, their clothes were old and torn, and their dwellings were made of scraps of cloth that let the rain through.

Thanks to the support of many loyal donors, the work developed quickly and in each of the last few years several thousand Gypsie children were able to attend school and benefit from the Contactions program.

In spring of 2019, the work in India was restructured and new, younger leaders were appointed. In addition, the Foundation has been working with a new partner since 2018. Measures have been developed that allow for higher quality and more transparency and participation. One goal is also to help the children in a more sustainable way.

The foundation currently supports 12 projects among gypsies and underprivileged children with a total of about 3,000 children.


Mathieu Eggler, founder of the relief organization, has written a book about the creation of the Foundation. In his book, he is also documenting exciting reports about his travels.

His conclusion after 20 years:

"My social-missionary outreach trips to the Gypsies in India culminated in the observation that the young Gypsies sponsored by the Contactions Foundation, ended up giving their helpers and me more gifts than, conversely, we gave them!"